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Increase Your Profit Potential While Protecting Your Files! Store Your Data and Your Client’s Data Securely Offsite.

“My hard drive crashed and I lost all my data!” That’s the last thing any business wants to hear! What would happen if all critical data were lost due to fire, flooding, theft, or even employee sabotage? Prepare yourself and your doctor clients for a computer disaster. Stagton’s remote backup service allows you to protect critical data and expand your business profit potential.


Consider The Following Facts…

According to the National Computer Security Association (October 2004, Inc. Magazine):

  • It will take 19 days and cost $17,000 to recreate 20 megabytes of lost accounting data.
  • 21 days and $19,000 to replace 20 megabytes of sales data.
  • 42 days and $98,000 to replace 20 megabytes of engineering data.

A study by the University of Texas Center for Research & Information Services concluded that most data loss occurs due to human error and system failures. The study also concluded that eventually all computer equipment fails – the failure rate is 100%.

Perform Easy and Safe Backups

With the Stagton Remote Backup System, data is stored safely and securely offsite where it can be retrieved quickly and easily 24 hours a day. Stagton’s RBS software addresses three critical issues to ensure successful offsite backup: Time, Connection Expense, and Security.

  • Time: Our RBS system ‘compresses’ the data prior to transfer. This means that 100 MBs of data would be compressed to approximately 15 MBs and the transfer takes 40 minutes instead of 5 hours.
  • Connection Expense: Our system leverages your existing Internet connection to transfer the compressed backup files. This means there are no associated long distance charges. You or your clients can backup from anywhere in the world.
  • Security: Our system utilizes multiple layers of access encryption and validation triggers. The security parameters to access your backup files are embedded into the binary code of your individual software installation on your PC. This means site security cannot be manipulated or decoded by a third party. Additionally you can place an ‘Unzip’ password or PIN number on all your backup files. This means that they cannot be opened by ANYONE except you…period.

Simple Steps to Secure Backup…

You can effortlessly backup your important computer data to our off-site security vault. When you need it, you can retrieve it in just a few mouse clicks!

  • Choose the files you wish to backup,
  • Choose “attended” or “unattended” to send your files,
  • Retrieve your files at any time.

Be assured that your critical files have the best possible protection:

  • Data Compressed up to 15% of original size prior to transmission
  • Scheduled, automatic, and on-demand backups
  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface
  • Off-site storage in secure locations
  • Unlimited number of backups and restores
  • Backup Network Drives
  • Customizable Archives Backup Profiles
  • Secure encryption of files
  • Built-in on-line support

Costs of the Remote Backup Service

The retail cost for our Remote Backup Service is $15 per month for 500 megabytes of storage space. However, as a ClaimTek customer you’ll enjoy great discounts. Your cost is only $5 per month per 500 megabytes of uncompressed disk space (up to 1 gig compressed!). There is a one-time start-up fee of $999 (This start-up fee is waived for Stagton’s Preferred program clients).

This pricing strategy is designed to help you grow your business. Besides the obvious benefits of protecting your own data, this system can help you generate extra income by offering it to you doctor clients (and other business clients or any computer user) at the retail cost of $15-$25 per month. Just imagine the potential for this much needed service! Everyone who uses a computer can be your client. Please take a few minutes to do the math to realize the potential. If you sign up only 100 people and charge only $10 per month per 500 megs, your profit would be $500 ($10 – your cost of $5 = $5 x 100 = $500). As far as marketing to health care providers, such professional and reliable service helps you establish more credibility for your new business. The more meaningful services you offer the better your chances of getting the account.


Compare the Cost of Employee vs. Stagton’s Remote Back Up Service

To perform a thorough backup, it takes an employee one hour (on average) daily. If the employee is paid $8 per hour, the cost adds up to $2080 annually ($8 x 5 days per week x 52 weeks). Stagton’s RBS costs your clients only $180 per year. Your cost is only $60!

Besides the obvious savings, the reliability issue is even more significant. Our RBS service does not forget or neglect! Stagton’s RBS is timely, safe, secure and inexpensive. RBS is a responsible system! See the Benefits of RBS to your billing service.

Benefits of the Remote Backup Service

  • Increase efficiency & automation in your business : Save time, labor, and money
  • Gain a competitive edge over your competitors by offering more comprehensive services for your doctor clients
  • Expand your business potential! Tap into other business territories. RBS is not limited to the medical industry. Practically any computer user is a potential client.

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