Quick list of Benefits of Outsourcing

Claims Only:

  • File claims on time with near zero rejection rate.
  • Those claims that are rejected-we will know about rejections the same day we send claim
  • Decrease payment time from 30-90 to 14-18 days or less
  • Increase cash flow
  • Time value of money- you get interest instead of insurance co.
  • Decrease supply costs such as postage, envelopes, and forms
  • Decrease personnel time to prepare paper claim ( up to 15 min. per claim)
  • Satisfy mandates of HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for electronic filing in Oct 2003
  • Procedure Code audit and Billing Cost analysis
  • Keep current in federal and state regulations and stay educated on health care industry
  • Average cost for filing paper claim is 7-12

Practice Management:

Above plus:

  • Time it takes to follow up with insurance company on rejected claims
  • Supplies for patient statements
  • Time to prepare statement and associated supplies
  • Technical Support, Software upgrades
  • Employee turn over and new employee orientation
  • Utilize third party for soft collections- pts. Take bills more seriously and are prompted to pay on time
  • Management reports such as ins and pt. aging, etc allow effective management of pt , insurance, and procedures
  • Space and other overhead such as benefits,
  • No lost time for sick days and vacations
  • No more time spent on hold dealing with insurance co.
  • Claims follow up and appeals
  • MedOffice software, training, and tech support
  • Billing specialist with over 20 years experience
  • Pt. hotline

Other services

  • RBS
  • EFT
  • Well Care Services
  • Online Soft Collection Services


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