Patient Assessment Services (P.A.S.)

What if you could help to improve the lives of patients… or even save a life?

How would you feel that as a result of encouraging doctors to perform a service that made them money, this service actually helped them saved a life?

While many of the services we provide are designed to bring efficiency and reduce costs, P.A.S. is designed to create a new revenue stream for doctors!

Excellent for Family Physicians, Internists, Specialists, Mental Health Professionals

Right now, today, you have the opportunity to advise your client physicians that you are prepared to introduce them to online psychological assessments that can help them identify patients suffering from serious psychological disorders. The assessments cost them nothing to perform and nothing to obtain a report. There is only a small fee charged for usage for which they receive insurance or Medicare reimbursement, typically after they have been paid.

How it works:

The doctor is provided with an easy to administer online assessment on a website personalized for them. It requires no time or effort to setup on the healthcare provider’s part. It’s a self-reported assessment that’s set up for them and requires no special monitoring. The assessment takes only about three minutes for the patient to complete in a secure environment. At the end of the assessment, a report is made available to the doctor in the form of either a written or electronic report (or both) that the doctor can easily read and interpret. Upon evaluation of the patient, the doctor is eligible to bill Medicare or third-party insurance carriers for services. The billing typically is processed under specific CPT that’s over 97% paid! Reimbursement is about $50 on average.

Increase your own income with our PAS service! You can offer physicians a new profit center, help patients, and earn great ongoing residual income!

Our computer-based screening services help to identify symptoms of distress, depression, and other serious psychological disorders, which also:

  • Directly helps patients at no cost to them
  • Makes money for the doctor without up-front investment
  • Brings in additional income for YOUR billing service! How? While the doctor collects about $50 per billing from the insurance company, he’s charged only $9.95 per assessment. You make 15%, which is about $1.50 per assessment. An average of 10 assessments a day will net you about $330 per doctor per month. At 5 doctors only, you’ll be making over $1,500 per month with literally no work on your part. Imagine having 20 doctors or more! Also, imagine what income you’ll help the clinic realize! This kind of service will strengthen your relationship and elevate your credibility with your clients. You can even use it as a door opener to you billing services.
  • No Risk for the Doctor! If the insurance company doesn’t cover the assessment, the $9.95 fee will be credited. Again, this assessment is paid over 97% of the time!

Our PAS service makes your existing billing service even more important!

Think about it…You are providing a valuable new profit center. While most of the practice management services you provide help doctors cut costs, the P.A.S. service is designed to help them make money. PAS is a new viable revenue stream for clinics. What medical professional is not going to be happy to continue to recommend you to their peers?

No inventory or up-front cash outlay…There are lots of things your physicians do to help patients but there are probably very few that do not require some kind of cash outlay from the doctor (even bandages and cotton balls cost something).

Simple set-up, easy and secure to use All that is needed is a computer and an Internet connection. The surveys are easy on the clients with unique, visually-based questions and provide the medical professional a concise, easy to read result print-out.

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